Effluent Treatment

Geyser was approached by a large metal can producer to help them lower the costs they were being charged by their water supplier for their waste effluent. GWT    negotiated and updated the consent levels with the water company and built a new  M-cert system  and a sewage line for the client to provide their effluent treatment system.

Building a new weir

The effluent had a very high pH level. The factory worked constantly, with a shut down only for two days throughout the year. GWT  designed and built a new  sewage line, a dosing system and  a M-Cert  monitoring unit. In addition GWT constructed and built a stainless steel weir with a temperature and flow monitoring system and auto sampler.

 The completed works was switched over as a live system to the new sewage line with the old pipe line sealed off. 

The picture  below with slab pathways and steps being installed at the final stages of the project..

Project almost completed with new steps being installed and steel fence