LubriSilk™ Synthetic Grease, 35 lb Pail


LubriSilk™ Synthetic #2 Grease is formulated with a patented boron-based ingredient that is blended with the finest synthetic components available, making it the highest rated #2 grease for extreme pressure applications with the lowest friction coefficient in the industry.

A 35lb bucket of LubriSilk™ Synthetic #2 Grease has a wide range of applications because it is biodegradable, waterproof, non-corrosive, non-melting, and fortified with boron derivatives to lubricate under the most adverse condition. The patented boron-based ingredient creates a permanent micro layer of extremely low friction crystal lattice structures that become part of the metallic surfaces. The highly adhesive and extreme pressure/extreme temperature properties prevent metal-to-metal contact and provide a long lasting, low friction surface impervious to the elements



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