Motor Silk™ Petrol Fuel Additive 16fl oz


Motor Silk™ Petrol Fuel Additive improves your engine’s power and performance, reduces fuel consumption, controls inlet system deposits, reduces or eliminates valve “knocking” and “pinging”, and lowers emissions.

When added to your gas tank, the Boron-based components in Motor Silk™ Petrol Fuel Additive begin forming a near-permanent micro layer of extremely low friction crystal lattice molecular structures that become part of the metallic surfaces in your engine. This process also cleans intake valve deposits, fuel injectors and combustion chamber deposits.

Motor Silk™ Petrol Fuel Additive can be blended with any gasoline, and one 16 oz. bottle is sufficient to treat 18-24 gallons of fuel. Recommended usage in petrol vehicles is at least (a) each oil change or (b) every three months, whichever occurs first, depending on driving habits (up to 5,000 miles for around town driving and up to 10,000 miles for heavy highway driving). Older, high mileage petrol vehicles may benefit from usage with the next two or three fill-ups and then following above usage recommendation.



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