Water Geyser or Geyser Water?

Water Geyser – Gushing solutions to tricky problems

Welcome to the web page of Geyser Water Treatment Limited  (GWT).  With a name such as Geyser water you could be confused in thinking that we are supplying or talk about Water Geysers. We can help you to choose the best water to drink, but only after we have cleaned your drinking water up. Our business is in Waste water treatment plant.

As an environmentally acute company we try to work in a green sustainable way using natural products and naturally occurring bacteria to solve complex issues.

What is the best water to drink? Ideally water that has no chemicals or harmful bacteria within it. Water that has no pollutants such as irons, or fertilisers that have drained from leachates from rotting waste.

For more information go to Waste treatment plant

So Is water safe to drink everywhere in the world? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Who we are.

Geyser is an environmental engineering company specialising in using as far as possible biological or natural processes to fix many of the issues today with effluent from companies. Water Geysers is not a prime area of our business.

We carry and use a large stock of specialist bacteria and enzymes. What goes to drain or ground if possible, will be non harmful. As a company we are in the fore front of working with business’ developing new technology solutions to break down waste streams.

We work on solids as well as liquid waste. We have solutions for leachates, cyanide, oil spills, fuel spills, training foam through to waste food, cow manure and everything in between.

Our engineering teams supply risk assessments and project plans, and are fully kitted out with adequate PPE for whatever environment they have to work in.  On many occasions we install new equipment and hot swap across so as to not effect the sites production.

We have over 20 years experience supplying solutions to major manufacturing companies. We have built sewage treatment plants through to upgrading existing infrastructure to more environmentally friendly solutions.

For Organic waste treatment please go to our subsidiary site http://www.aerobic.org.uk