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GWT Limited have been at the forefront of providing solutions for domestic and commercial waste treatment since 2006. We have installed systems for homeowners of all sizes of properties as well as for farms and hotels. ​ As sewage treatment specialists our purpose is simple; to ensure a high quality service in a timely manner. Our team will provide a system that caters specifically to the demands of the project. ​ Since 2015 homeowners using septic tanks have a legal responsibility to minimise the impact of sewage waste which is managed within the bounds of their property - General Binding Rules DEFRA 2015. ​ This obligation often comes to light when a property is being prepared for sale. ​ GWT Limited are happy to come out to survey your current arrangements relating to discharges, consents, creating diversions to drainfields or the replacement and upgrade of existing septic tanks and systems. ​ Customer testimonial: 'We were very happy with the way Geyser Water Treatment went about installing our new sewage treatment system. Rob was very easy to work with, and I particularly liked that he was willing to adapt plans to accommodate last-minute changes. The team took great care to minimise disruption and were a pleasure to have on site. I recommend them.' MF ​

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