We provide green treatment of oil interceptors and catchment pits to reduce oil levels at aviation sites.



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The problem

A previous client of ours, a company with training facilities providing real time scenarios for disasters and accidents needed our help. For reenactment purposes, they spread gallons of diesel oil, aviation fuel and kerosene around on site and burn it to create controlled fires to be tackled. 

As a result, they have a huge run off situation with oil or fuel draining into their water outlet, some 1000 parts per million approximately. To capture the oils around the site they have a number of oil interceptors which then draw off to large 500,000 gallon catchment pits prior to leaving the site.

On approaching Geyser, they wanted green treatment of all the oil interceptors around the site as well as the main catchment pit as shown in the adjacent image. 


Our solution

Geyser Water Treatment were tasked with reducing the oil level down to 10 parts per million. 

We built around the site, adding dosing systems and aeration tubes to each of the oil interceptors. This dosed bacteria specifically designed to digest the oil that drained into each catchment pit. 

For the main catchment pit we installed multiple aeration tubes with dosing of bacteria. In addition, we installed specialist filtration pads designed to collect oil but release clean water to leave the site. Further testing was carried out after the installation of the filters. The water is now and has over several years been releasing less than 1 part per million oil to water, off site into a water course. A success in diesel and aviation fuel treatment.

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