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Expert Service

Geyser Water Treatment can design and build both automatic and monitored dosing systems to adjust pH levels and monitor temperature of waste effluent.


Dosing systems - automatic and monitored

We are able to provide a range of built-to-order automatic and monitored dosing systems to meet your needs.

Our dosing systems are designed to pump, at a very precise flow rate, a chemical or other substance into either a water, steam or gas flow.

 An automatic dosing system operates to supply your choice of specially-formulated water treatment accurately and consistently. The automatic dosing process eliminates the guesswork and necessary routine associated with adding water treatments manually.


Take a Look

The problem

A client of ours, a large metal can producer, needed help to lower the costs they were being charged by their water supplier for their waste effluent as they were over their agreed consent level. They needed a dosing system that would automatically adjust their pH so that the company could meet the consent. 

A new sewage line was needed for this system in order for the client to provide their effluent treatment. The effluent coming from the production line had a very high pH level so we also needed to bring this down. 

The factory also only had a shut down of two days a year - we had no choice but to do the changeover live and could not wait for the two day layoff due to time constraints. 

Image by Scott Graham

The solution

Working alongside the customer we negotiated with the water company to update the consent levels based on the work planned. A new M-cert system was designed and built to meet this agreement and included an automatic testing and dosing system. 

We constructed a new sewage pipeline that went from the existing pit through to the sewage pipeline leaving the site. 

To enable us to control the waste, the system designed takes pH readings, monitors temperature, includes a flow monitoring system and an auto sampler to allow samples to be taken. 

The completed works were switched over as a live system to the new sewage line with the old pipeline sealed off. The customer then met the required consent levels.

The adjacent image exhibits the final stages of the project when new steps, slab pathways and a steel fence were being installed for completeness.

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