Geyser Water Treatment design and install specialist reed beds. This is an option where a site has poor drainage and requires an alternative system. 



Once installed, a reed bed is low cost to operate providing that it is maintained properly. Correspondingly, maintenance requirements are low. They can usually be carried out by anyone with a degree of gardening knowledge and common sense.

As a plant based system, bacteria, fungi and algae digest organic matter in effluent. The effluent then percolates through layers of sand and gravel in an enclosed bed providing you with a sustainable drainage solution. Vertical flow reed beds are known for being more effective at nitrifying effluents and converting ammonia than most package treatment plants.

There are restrictions in flow volumes, COD and particulate sizes. The reed needs to be specific and in the UK is normally Phragmites Australis buried into a shale base. Over the years we have constructed a variety of shapes and types of specialist reed bed.

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