Specialist bacteria products for farming

GWT supplies a range of specialist bacteria products in either powder or liquid form to solve a variety of issues

EET Powder

EET is a specialised biological powdered treatment for degrading grease in waste water systems. The product contains natural bacteria strains which digest fats, oils and greases as a result of their enzymatic metabolism.

Available in 1Kg and 10Kg containers.

Slurry Charge

A highly concentrated biological product containing naturally occurring bacteria which causes degradation and mobilisation of agricultural slurries.

Available in 1Kg and 10Kg containers.

Dosing Pumps

240V adjustable dosing pump, ideal for drip feeding slurry charge or EET powder in fluid form into waste systems to break down grease and oil. Solar powered versions also available. We can also hire these out on a monthly bases

actual pump may be different to the one shown