Training Foam Treatment

Training Foam – How do you treat it?

GWT build effluent treatment systems of many types to solve various specialist waste streams. This could include from Sulphur, Sugar through to foam and oil and everything in between. Training foam, mixed with Kerosene or Diesel fuel as used in AFF training exercises, and thousands of gallons of water is an exciting concept to consider.

For fire training and simulation treatment GWT have experience in the recovery of Kerosene and Avtur with the treating of carbonisation materials.

Included within this is the quick recovery of foam from off a training RIG. We have experience with a number of foam manufacturers. We can then separate out the water, to clean it for re use. A complete self contained system.

The Foam Treatment scenario is ideal for quick turn arounds of fire training structures, where the client needs to re utilise a RIG several times a day.

For non foam systems to recover Oil look at this site : Waste treatment plant

The alternative is to clean up the foam and oil waste suitable for depositing to drain. This needs to meet the clients consent agreement with the local authority

For the building of the rigs we would recommend Fire Control Services.

Foam treatment often can have a quantity of fuel involved which can be recovered using equipment such as the SPEL oil treatment system.

GWT has the skills and abilities to either recover the fuel or dissolve it within the treatment tanks, leaving clean water to utilise again.