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Should you wish to adapt an existing plant for continued use, our team has the expertise to update and renew your system to bring it in line with current standards and regulations.


Our work at the paper mill.

We were asked to provide an updated system, repair a fault and not to impede the ongoing's what we did.


A previous client of ours, a paper mill, had the need to update their effluent system because their original system had broken. They wanted to replace their tanks but due to a shortage of space were left with no choice but to simply update their existing system. 

Geyser Water Treatment cleaned out the current unit, installing new air lines which produced a water geyser effect using air. We supplied project management during the installation of new air distribution channels into the base of the tank beds, which were then concreted in.

A new air pump and pipe work was also installed to complete the system - featuring monitoring and flow control. This ensured that the paper mill met regulations in relation to waste management. The upgrade of existing plant needed to be done speedily and efficiently so as to avoid any impact on the business itself.


This project was completed on time and to the budget set by the paper mill. 

If you are considering the update of an existing system, please do not hesitate to get in touch today!

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