Waste treatment plant

Waste Treatment Plant – An environmental solution

Everything we do is driven by poo! Not every effluent stream requires the same treatment process. We start our solutions normally where other companies stop. We design and build specialist waste treatment plant.

Geyser Water Treatment is in the forefront of designing and building environmentally acceptable water and waste treatment plant. GWT supply test units where we dose proprietary bacteria to break down effluent so it will meet discharge consents. We build specialist equipment such as DAF’s and rotary screens to remove particulates which we then put into aerobic digesters. Real environmental waste treatment! The Green environmental answer to waste problems

‘A test unit we rent out for trials’
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A rotary screen used for removing particulates


As a company we work with the client to arrange suitable discharge consents to save them money.

An example of a waste treatment plant installation

Where we utilise DAFs , where applicable use either an ARINnox system and /or a biological flocculant.
The main benefits in using this type of system is:-
-Substantially reduced chemical usage, providing savings of up to 80%.
-Improved top float solids concentration of at least 100%.

  • Reusable sludge for animal feed, fuel or fertiliser, a saleable commodity is now available.
  • One client in America had 5678 M3 per day – Total Volume Waste water processed “Process plant waste water in fluid BOD to the D.A.F. System at 1100-1200 ppm” The result:
    The Process Treatment created D.A.F. top float solids at 20-24% solids average concentration (and had no soupy characteristics at all); “decant” solids concentration will average 30% solids.

  • The local authorities comments after witnessing the tests:
    Georgia City & State EPA Officials said, “This is the clearest and cleanest poultry processing plant effluent discharge waste water that we have ever seen anywhere!”
An MD 24/42 DAF with built in flocculation tubes

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